Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh no -- I made some guy's donkey list
Life continues as I let the reality of massive debt set upon me. This will be an interesting summer as we prepare to buy one house and clean, fix up, and move out of our old one. Got an estimate on replacing all our sliding glass windows -- ouch! Looks like I will be a living, breathing ATM for the next few months. I am unsure about going to Las Vegas until the smoke clears.

I was on Absolute Poker tonight to register in a private freeroll. I decided to play in a qualifier that cost some frequent player points. I haven't played much on Absolute in months, but for some reason decided to get in. I qualified for the next round, which didn't start for a few hours. I fell asleep and woke up just in time to get in and was reading articles about staging your home for potential buyers.

I got involved in a pot with K-5 hearts just to get a little action while reading. The flop brought an Ace of hearts, another heart, and a rag. Being tired and with no money invested, I decided to chase the nut flush draw and try to get a stack or go to bed. As luck would have it, I spiked a heart on the turn and took in a huge pot, crippling a few players. One player in particular was quite upset, and proceeded to vent. And then ... omg ... he said that he was writing a donkey note on me. Ha ha - haven't had one of those written (as far as I know) for some time. Like I freakin care. Got a few more important things to worry about, bud.


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