Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Problems with the OPT Money Tour Final - MATH Cash - Why I am a Dumb Shit
The OPT 2006 Money Tour Final was a complete disaster. One or two tables were frozen and never got to play and there were several sitouts. My table had only three and sometimes four players most of the time. It was difficult playing since I was therefore in early position eight out of ten hands. The guy who was in late position eight out of ten hands cleaned up chip-wise.
For some strange reason, the tournament was not immediately halted when the problems were discovered. I wasted a few hours playing, then finaly bailed when I got tired of playing in a tourney that I knew would be replayed.
I finished sixth in the MATH last night. I had a good run of cards and used my nice stack o' chips to put pressure on my table. I was doing fine until the final table. A bad run of cards left me watching the action as the antes and blinds started eating away my stack. My run ended when I called a raise with A-5. The flop brought an Ace, and I was hoping that my opponent had raised with a pair. I pushed all in and was called by A-J. Another Ace came on the turn, but I lost on the kicker.

I am second guessing myself on two moves: 1) The final move; and 2) A time late in the tournament when I laid down a good hand to a substantial all in. It seems like I have gotten burned more often than not in those situations, but if I could redo things, I would probably make the call.

I definitely need to improve my game when down to the final six or so. When I play live tournaments, I generally kick ass at the final table. In online tournaments, however, I have not been as successful. It's funny - I made the final table and cashed, yet feel a lack of satisfaction. I guess that winning or chopping is the only way to get that tournament buzz now.

In other exciting (yawn) news, my softball team squeaked out a one-run victory last night. I got two hits and was safe on an error, so no complaints there. However, I am now paying the price for not having my injured finger looked at when it was first injured. I finally went to the doctor since I am having trouble bending one of my fingers. The X-rays showed that I had a multiple fracture that is not healing correctly. I have an appointment to see a specialist 100 miles away in a few weeks. Lesson: Get to the damn doctor even if you hate going there.


Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'm so curious to know what hand you folded... and what I had... I think there was one instance that took you forever to fold so that must be the one, but I can't remember what I held. And I don't have the HH with me right now...

3:01 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I spent one week in misery in November. But I knew better. And I got worse.

Then I spent a week in the hospital with meningitis.

5K later I realized two lessons...

Lesson #1. Go to the Doctor when you feel sick.

Lesson #2 When too stubborn and or stupid to realize that you should, open up and look at hospital bill and remember lesson #1

3:49 PM  
Blogger NewinNov said...

Nice job in the MATH, I bubbled the final table. Interesting reading. Good luck on selling your house.

9:26 PM  

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