Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wow - Two Wins in the Same Night - a First for Me

I had a day of firsts today. For the first time, I won two multi-table tournaments in the same day. The first was my initial victory in a Shark event. I had come close before, but had never won one. The second was a victory in The Poker Forum Challenge (TPFC) open buy-in event.

How quickly things change. I was heading toward the final table in TPFC freeroll tournament earlier when some guy made an unbelievably donkish call on me and took most of my stack. He was the initial raiser and I called with Q-10 suited - my favorite hand - and saw a flop of Q-6-6. He checked, I raised big, and he called. The turn was a 6. He checked, I raised big, and he called. Now, I didn't think he had the 6 -- maybe playing A-6 suited -- but he could have had KK or QQ since he raised first. If so, I was prepared to lose on that. The river comes -- a Jack. He checked, I went all in with a boat -- sixes over Queens -- and he calls -- with J-J! The mofo went all the way to the river and risked almost his entire stack because he couldn't lay down his pocket Jacks even though there were three sixes on the board, an overcard (the Queen), and I was betting big-time. He gets his freakin two-outer and I was destroyed.

As I sat there stunned at how someone could make such a stupid play late in the tournament (he was not short stacked), someone said "Gutsy call." Gutsy call? It was a fucking stupid call for the ages, and the mofo gets my chips AND the admiration of someone who must have been just as stupid.

I briefly considered my retirement from online poker, and thought of my poker bud, murrythecat, and how he felt after losing deep in a tournament by a boneheaded play. Gawd, it sucks.

I soothed myself with some boneless wings and prepared to play my evening tournaments. Good thing I didn't retire.


Blogger KajaPoker said...

WOW indeed. Good job. I used to play all these forum tourneys. It's been a long time but I definitely remember these awful beats from donkey calls. It does make you want to quit poker.

1:16 PM  
Blogger MTC said...

That is something, what I call "the internet death grip on a pocket pair". I am with you, I think I would be more annoyed at the guy who said "gutsy call". Captain Clueless and his merry band of chasers. Impressive day, well done. Could he be building momentum for the "big one"?

6:55 PM  
Blogger WindBreak247 said...

Nice run on the two tourney wins!!

That is one atrocious suckout. After that dude said "gutsy call", I wouldn't have been able to hold back in the ol' chatbox.

10:53 AM  

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