Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Tale of Two Cable Guys
Employee #1
This clueless dude was sent over to get our cable television and internet services set up in our new home. The previous owner used satellite for television and used some wireless internet company. Of course, the cable guy came right during one of the move-in disasters -- the sleeper part of the sleeper sofa starts coming out as the sofa is being moved down a narrow basement stairway. It was 3:00 pm, and we thought that this dude just wanted to go home. His answer to everything: "We can't do that." Can't get the devoted internet line where we wanted it. Can't get the cable in rooms where we wanted it. Huh? I can send a message to China in a matter of seconds, but this guy says we can't get cables run? Fortunately, he left and cable guys are scheduled to return in two days.

Employee #2
Jason calls to let us know he might not be there until right at the close of the two-hour time frame when he was expected. He got there right at the end of the time frame and apologized -- said that he had to work a little longer than expected at his last call. We told him what we wanted. His reply: "We'll find a way to do it. Might have to used some of the satellite cables that are already here, but we'll make it work." Huh? Where have they been hiding this guy? He obviously knows 100 times more than the first guy, gave us EXACTLY what we wanted, and had the entire job done from start to finish in 90 minutes.


Blogger KajaPoker said...

Did Jason offer to host a Karaoke party and you both ended up slugging it out in the rain on a giant dish?

1:17 PM  

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