Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Day to Forget

Ever see those professional athletes who get to the big game -- the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals -- and play like shit? That was me today.

Today at 2pm, I had two mega-important tournaments: the 2006 Online Poker Tour (OPT) Money Tour Final, and the World Series of Online Forums (WSOOF) championship. Top prize in each of these was a trip to the WSOP Main Event ... or at least $10,000 and a little travel money.

My play was pretty horrendous. I tried to open up my play a bit in the OPT game, hoping to win a few blinds while people were playing tight. Unfortunately, it appeared that people were getting big hands, so that strategy went out the window fast.

It just seemed that I lost every race I was in or made some poor judgments. Oh, how I wish we could play this one again. I really wanted to at least have my shot at the final table.

I was cruising along in about 20th place in the WSOOF game when I lost two key hands. Then, PokerStars started having router problems, and pretty soon my afternoon was over.

It seems like this was all a bad dream. After busting out of the WSOOF, I immediately fell asleep and didn't wake for a few hours. Doesn't matter: it still hurts. Funny thing was, I had been playing some pretty good poker this past week or so. Outside of the blogger tournaments, I had pretty good success, winning three tournaments and placing in a few others.

Hope your weekend was better than mine.


Blogger MTC said...

Just one of those days Light, I think I posted somewhere that you were hot lately and had a great chance of winning.I really felt bad for Plaid, even though he was behind A-6 to A-8, the flop had him so far ahead, that had to sting. The guy who won went coin flipping alot starting late in the second third of the game. I remember him pushing with 4-4 for about 4k and having it hold up. The talent and level of play was enjoyable though, just shows you how lucky you need to be even on the days where you feel like you played pretty good.

9:49 PM  

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