Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time for a Change
My level of play and the hits I have taken lately have been really bad. Played at a new site today ( and was dealt K-K in the big blind. Someone with twice as many chips as me raises, and I went all in. He thinks, then calls ... with Q-Q. Of course, you know what two-outer came on the flop...

Time to put the past away (no -- I'm not jumping ... yet [apologies to 3EB fans]) and start anew. The countdown is two weeks until my Las Vegas trip, so I am starting to get excited about that.

There is a charity tournament about 50 miles away next weekend. The cost to try to satellite in is $70, so I might give it a try. No way am I paying the direct entry fee ($300) to get in one of these donkfests with quickly increasing blinds.
House Update
My house has now been on the market for five weeks. Unfortunately, the housing market took a big downswing right when I was closing on my new house. There has been a little interest in the house, but no offers so far. Our next open house is scheduled for next Sunday. Looks like I will have to make another price reduction in order to encourage offers. It is a great house, but its unique features probably keeps some people away.

A few weeks ago, I tried trading prayers with a co-worker. She had a medical concern, and I told her I'd pray for her if she prayed for my house to sell. Seeing as how we are both competitive people, we had a fun time trying to "out-pray" the other. Fortunately for my friend, her medical test results were negative. Unfortunately for me, my house is still my house. Of course, I tried to explain that my superior Catholic prayers were answered, while her inferior Protestant prayers didn't quite do the job...he he.

So ... next we try the old standby -- we have a statue of St. Joseph to bury. I noticed that someone toured my house this weekend, so maybe I should make a night trip out there and bury the statue in the dark.
My Job
Working in higher education, I look forward to the start of the new school year each August. The added bonus for people in my profession (student services) is actually beginning to get your life back after working so blasted hard the past six weeks with all the last-minute students. So tomorrow is really the beginning of the end of a loooong season (as I like to call them) that began last April. This summer marked my 25th year in higher ed. Hard to believe that so many of the the top poker players in the world were not even born when I began my professional career.


Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Hello Mr. Light, good luck with your house, the market here has slowed down as well. Houses that used to get snapped up in a week are having 3-4 open houses. People want the price that was there last year. The key is pricing it right. Most people can't afford to sit on a house for months waiting for the dream offer. I thought your house looked nice, I love porches, am actually considering adding one. Something about sitting out front in the evening and chatting with the neighbors or kids as they ride buy.
I got rivered in the same tournament, saw your name, I tried to price a guy out of calling after a back door flush draw hit on the turn. He called with 2.7-1 pot odds and 5.5-1 hand odds. 3rd time this guy has put a beat on me.
I may be heading out that way in October or November, my brother and I discussed it today. We are considering Amtrack,never used it before. We are trying to make it work so we can go to a Purdue game. I will keep you posted.
My bother (the one in Indiana) starts the new teaching year tomorrow as well. When we were kids it never dawned on us that teachers get just as sick when summer vacation is over (hehe). MTC

11:24 PM  
Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Almost forgot, good luck in Vegas. I am hitting A.C. on the 26th, what do you say we both bring back some coin, a trophy and a few good stories.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Irongirl01 said...

i hear you lightning about FTP. I get my money in AK vs AQ AT threeway and the chipleader holding AQ sucks out a Queen on the flop to stack me and I hadnt played a hand in like 2 hours of a 90 person sng.. I am so card dead on FTP IVe thought about doing a change ala smokkee to Bodog for abit.. I have those $315 in tourney credits from the rounders radio wsop thinge..

1:14 PM  

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