Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nasty beats continued this week as I donked off a few buy ins at Bodog and Full Tilt. The carnage included losing to flopped quads and having some guy call my pot-sized bets all the way to the river to catch his gutshot draw.

Things got even worse at The Mookie. I was in the small blind with Q-9 diamonds and called. When swimmom95, the big blind, raised, I called. The flop was Queen high, so I checked to trap. I was guessing that I had her beat unless she raised with A-Q, in which case I was doomed anyway. Swimmom raised and I went all in. She called with A-K. Two cards away from an almost double up, and then ... you guessed it. Need I say more?

Short stacked, I was in the big blind one orbit later with J-8 os. The button raised and I called. The flop was 6-5-J. I insta-pushed all in and was called by jimdniacc, who had 5-4. The turn? A 5!

What can you do? Sometimes I hate this freakin' game.


Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Poker, a true love hate relationship. Yesterday at Rounders I flopped a set with two spades on the board, I bet a little less than pot, it gets raised and reraised to all-in. As I expected one guy had a draw, the other pinhead had two pair. Prior to calling I typed in, "please don't suck-out on me". And 20 seconds later it was back to the couch for football.

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