Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just Another Day at the Poker Tables

Played in a b&m charity tournament today. In the opening event (a real donk-a-thon called the "5 Dolla Holla"), the rapidly-increasing blinds made it almost an all in or fold tourney. I made it halfway through and was all in in a four-way pot preflop with Q-Q. The flop: K-K-7. The turn:A. Talk about bad cards for Q-Q! Needless to say, I was out.

I then played in a $30 Warm Up tournament and was doing okay before the first break. Then, three consecutive great starting hands proved to be my undoing:

Hand 1: Dealt K-K. I put in a good raise and everyone bailed.

Hand 2: Dealt Q-Q. A short stack wagers half his stack, and I put him on A-rag or a lower pocket pair. Figuring that he was drawing to two or three outs, I put him all in and he calls. His cards: A-7 hearts. The flop, of course, brings an Ace, and the turn -- another Ace!

Hand 3: Dealt A-A. I went all in and was called by the big blind, who had 10-8 spades. The flop: 7-9-J! Was this Full Tilt Poker in real life, or what?

I decided that I would not stick around for the upcoming satellitle or the main event. I just didn't feel lucky today...


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