Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bubble Boy Twice in One Day
Gawd -- isn't being the bubble boy (or girl) the worst? I received the honor twice yesterday -- once at a Full Tilt Aussie Giveaway Round 1 Freeroll, and the other at the Bodonkey at Bodog.

The Aussie freerolls are actualy kind of fun. You hope you get a good hand toward the beginning and then go all in and take your chances. The fields might be as small as 180 or as large as 300+.

I was messing round and ended up final tabling two at the same time. Only the winner gets rewarded -- with entry into a Round 2 tournament. Unfortunately, I got 4th place in one and 2nd in the other -- bubble boy.

At last night's Bodonkey, I never realy got going. My table was very quiet, and I can only assume that the others were getting crappy cards like I was. I did make it to the final table shork stacked, then at least got far enough to get my buy-in back. However, only the final five got a T109 bonus to play a $100,000 guaranteed tourney. I was in 5th place of six when the short stack, irongirl, raised for almost her entire stack pre-flop. Knowing that she had her back against the wall, I was guessing (and hoping) that she had a pair smaller than mine (JJ) or a weak Ace. I decided to call and found out that I was up against A-10 -- yes! Of course, you know what happened next -- an Ace came on the flop. I was left with a handful of chips and went all in the next hand with A-2 diamonds. I was eliminated by someone with A-K, I think.
I certainly can't blame irongirl for pushing with her hand -- as she correctly did at that point in the tournament. And I did make a correct read -- of which I felt good. However, it still sucks to have someone hit a three-outer and be on the losing side. Freakin' poker gods. I was pissed -- not at anyone, just at not winning the hand.
And of course, I was second-guessing myself afterwards. Did I risk too much by calling on the bubble? Would it have been a wuss play to lay down the Jacks when I was almost certain I was ahead?
Sorry that I don't have relative stack sizes and blind amounts here for people to kibitz. Please note that three of the six left (MiamiDon was the other) were relatively short stacked compared to the other three.
Isn't this why we are all so addicted to Hold Em?
And smokkee: Thanks for getting such a sweet overlay on the tournament.


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