Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bodonkey Victory

After winning two early Bodog Blogger tournaments and getting a second place in another, I had been in a major funk at Bodog. The nadir was when, in a $1/2 NL game, I flopped a set of 9's against K-K and was all in. One King was already mucked, so I looked pretty good until ... the river! That King wiped out my bankroll and left me with just tournament credits. They were almost all gone until today's Bodonkey.

I knew that if I didn't donk out early that I would have a little problem: I had to pick up my son at his middle school when he came home from an evening field trip.

As the tournament inched toward the two-hour mark, it was time for me to leave. So ... I got my high school sophomore daughter to sit in front of the computer and tell me my pocket cards and the situations by cell phone. Fortunately, I got mostly poor cards and was just telling her "fold ... fold ... fold." It was a crisis when I hit trip Jacks.

"Do you mean I have two Jacks or three? What else is on the board."

"Dad - hurry up -- what do I do?"

"Raise ... hit the Raise button ..."

She kept me in the game while the field trip came back LATE (naturally). I got home just as the second break started, and was surprised to find that we were already at the final table. My goal was to finish at least 5th to get the T$109 added to the payouts. I won a coin flip -- my 10-10 vs A-K, to get there. Once there were five left, my next goal was 3rd and a cash. After BuddyDank went out in 5th, I played tight until ChayseTilton went out in 3rd. coxlaud was the big stack, and when heads up with him, I doubled up quickly and was even. We jousted for about ten minutes until I bested him with a few slightly-better hands for the victory.

Thanks to smokkee and Bodog Poker for setting up the sweetest overlay around.


Blogger smokkee said...

congrats on the win!

11:35 PM  
Blogger BigPirate said...

Nice job. My Wife won't even watch the screen for me when I have to leave the room for a minute. Hopefully, one of the kids will be willing in a few years.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Very nice.

So that one hand, I lost to your daughter.



3:56 PM  
Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Nice win Light!!!

7:11 PM  
Blogger DangerMouse said...

WTG Light, those are tough games.

11:13 PM  

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