Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Midnight Madness
After finishing the MATH last night, I decided to get in one more tournament before I hit the sheets. Midnight Madness was coming up, so what the heck.
I played a decent game and was hovering around 38th place for some time. Unfortunately, a little after 2:00 am, I dozed off for a second and woke to find Q-Q. I put in a big raise and was raised all in by one of the bigger stacks at the table. Thinking that it was now or never and wanting to get a shot at decent money, I called. Oops -- I ran into A-A! No help on any of the community cards, unfortunately.

I had to settle for 77th place. Geez - a suckout would have been nice!


Blogger Entiteit said...

Unlucky about running into the aces dude :).

Just wondering how much does 77th pay in such a tourney ?

4:39 PM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

Ha - the mighty 77th place didn't pay too much -- somewhere between $24 & $28, I think.

5:13 PM  
Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Nice effort light. I never noticed that tourney before, the things you learn from blogging, hehe. Had a mini Tilt slump so I have been checking out Stars the last week or so. Sometimes a change of scenery gets you going.

7:56 AM  

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