Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tournament Action

I saw a little success Friday with two tournaments at Full Tilt: Bad Beat on Cancer and a 90-person $10 SNG.

I played the Bad Beat tournament since two pros, Rafe Furst and Thomas Wahlroos, were playing, and there was a small field of 33. Unfortunately, I didn't get to log in any time playing against either pro. I did, however, finish in 4th place -- better than the two pros, at least.

In the SNG, the final table went on forever. I finally bailed out in 6th place -- a tad disappointing.

Poker Edge Profile

I looked up my profile at, and this is what it said:

Pre-Flop Tendency: SEMI LOOSE - The Poker-Edge software automatically color codes neutral players in BLACK for easy identification.

Player Type : You are a Bomb (Aggressive/Aggressive). Your Aggressive play Pre and Post Flop makes the table fear you. The Poker-Edge software shows you the Bombs by placing an icon next to their name at the table!

Strengths: Your aggressive nature is your biggest strength. You win many pots on bluffs and semi-bluffs.

Weaknesses: Your biggest weakness is you sometimes lack discipline. Your aggression is unwarranted sometimes. People slowplay or check-raise you because they know you will bet.

Best Advice: Work on your discipline, and you will be a shark.

Wow - is that really me??


Blogger MurryTheCat said...

Hey Light, saw you up at the top of the Rounders game at Carbon tonight. Turned around and you went down 20th. Must have been a huge pot/hand you lost. I fizzled 7th. I just checked out that poker edge thing lol. Says I am a loose player and a calling station. If I am loose I want to meet the guys who play tight lol. Says I enter most hands behind, don't bet by winning hands letting players catch up. That part is partially true, working the odds.

12:12 AM  

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