Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Forum for Poker Players

If you are looking for a new, upcoming forum to try out, check out hammershangout. The forum is being run by scottdrader.

I first met scott when he jolted the Online Poker Tour community in 2006 with a grand entrance -- troucing all the regulars near the top of the freeroll leaderboard. scott has also been one of the mainstays of the K9 Poker Tour and is one tough hombre at the tables. You can be sure that the tournaments sponsored by hammershangout will be fun tourneys with good, challenging players.

Men vs. Women: One Big Difference

I was feeling sicker than a dog Saturday afternoon and was in bed when my wife came home from some afternoon shopping. One of her friends had recently been married on a cruise and was having a reception in town tonight.

My initial though was, "I feel like shit. No way I am going." However, I started thinking that getting out might make me feel a little better, so I told my wife that I would accompany her. She needed to be there early to help set up the laptop and projector for the movie of the wedding ceremony which would be shown at the reception, and it was almost time time leave. I, of course, told her, "Hey - I'm a guy. I can be ready in ten minutes even if my hair looks like shit." So ... I sprinted into the bathroom, had water, towels, shampoo, and clothes flying in every direction, and ... was ready just as my wife was ready to leave. Imagine that.

Ladies -- do any of you carry that male gene that means you can get ready for a public appearance in less than two hours???

btw - the reception was okay, but I hit the sheets as soon as I got home. I was blissfully asleep when I awoke feeling like the house was on fire. It seems my wife was feeling a tad cold and went to sleep with our fireplace heater on. The result: I am posting this at 4:30 a.m.

Isn't married life grand?

Tough Thursday Evening

Made a mistake Thursday night in playing in three tournaments at once. I planned to play the Riverchasers tournament (part of BBT2) and the opening freeroll of hammershangout. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had also signed up to play in a Full Tilt $75 token frenzy tournament to try to play my way cheaply into the Big Game. In the hammer game, I tried to chip up and pushed A-8 in position since no raises were made and I was somewhat short-stacked, only to be called by someone with 4-4. No help came, and I was out. In the token frenzy, I was in one of those typical Full Tilt hands that always leads us to question exactly how random the cards are. I limped in with pocket 8's and saw a flop of rag-8-Queen with two diamonds on the board. I ended up all in ... as did the guy with pocket Queens ... as did the guy with two low diamonds. I guess I don't have to tell you who won the hand. Unfortunately, after that hand, and probably because I was dog-tired from a long week at work, I tilted, and made a horrible call at Riverchasers, losing a significant amount of my stack. It was then only a matter of time before I petered out.

Friday night did bring a bright spot in that I won the opening buy-in hammershangout tournament. At least I'm not totally hopeless.


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