Friday, November 30, 2007

The Mookie and Riverchasers

wtf - Am I just getting too old, or what? I can barely remember playing in the Mookie. Not that I did anything memorable in it this time ...

Ahh ... Riverchasers. I should have known it was time to bend over since Full Tilt had been a little too good to me lately. I thought I was gold when I flopped a set of 4's. Yep -- should have known that someone else would flop a set of 7's. End of story.

A Little Live Poker Action

Time for a little in-person action at Illinois Charitable Games this weekend. I scored big in the $1/2 NL action last time, so my main focus will again be on the very weak NL cash game players the games seem to attract. I am thinking about playing in the tournament Main Event, but my history of bad beats at ICGA tourneys makes me skittish about getting boofed again.


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Ill be hosting my weekly Bounty Tournament sunday night at 10pm EST , on Full Tilt , password is thepokergrind , its $20+2, i hope to see you there

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