Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baaaaaaad past few days. Poker sucks sometimes.

ICGA: Couldn't make much progress one way or another in the cash games. Right when I was getting ready to leave, a table donk went all in preflop when I had A-K. He had been doing that with shit cards, so naturally I called (had him covered by over $100). He went all in with 6-6. I didn't improve. Shit.

MATH: Could a tournament have gone any worse? I gotta zippo cards, and when I did have half a hand, someone had a better one.

Bodonkey: My 11th place finish (29 runners) in no way represented the type of game I played. I was solid all the way, and got screwed three times when I called an all in and had a superior hand. Twice I lost and once was a tie. Two times the river took away my pot. I ran into cooler hands twice (a set and a flopped boat), and yet still would have been in it if my push at the end held up. Yep - the same player who should have lost the other three pots called with crap and won again. Instead of being a chip leader, I was out. It's been a long time since such good play got such a bad result. Such is poker luck.


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