Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bodonkey Bad Luck
How is this for a little o' the bad luck at the weekly Bodonkey tournament:

1) I got K-K. Raise, re-raise, etc ... against NumbBono's A-A. All in pre-flop. No suckout for me.
2) Again, going up against NumbBono ... I don't remember all the particulars except that I was in one of the blinds and had a garbage hand like 5-4. The flop brought an Ace and a four. The turn was a four, and I began salivating at getting all of NumbBono's chips, putting him on Ace-something, maybe as high as aces up. Much to my surprise, he had A-A again and felted me.

I hope your Tuesday was better than mine.


Blogger NumbBono said...

Yeah, I own you baby...just give me rockets, and I will destroy you...

7:51 PM  

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