Thursday, January 03, 2008

Good Mookie Effort Goes Down the Shitter

Without getting into hand histories, I defer the description of my story of Wednesday night's Mookie to the succinctly described version posted by Mookie himself in his live blogging:

10:12 … I (Mookie) got called by lightning36 who also held AK…of diamonds. Club on the flop, turn and river and I double up in a very ghey way.

10:14 … Big hand at my table, wwonka69 raises, bayne re-raises and lightning jams. wwonka calls as does bayne. KK for both wwonka and lightning while bayne has ATo. Ten on the flop (the turn actually) and naturally an Ace falls on the river…bayne triples up.

So ... I am cruzin in the Mookie because somehow Full Tilt had me mixed up with the blogger cardrack and I got ridiculously good cards and flops. But, in the span of two minutes, I get A-K suited and lose to Mookie's A-K suited on a runner runner flush, then get K-K and shove against wwonka69 and Bayne ... and lose to Bayne's A-10os when he hits runner runner. At least wwonka69 lost this hand, too.

Although down to just over 1,000, I again get some cards and suddenly vault into final table range.

Then ... my final hand ...

11:46 … lightning36 is all in and gets called by Mattazuma and riggstad. lightning 88, Mattazuma KK, riggstad AQs. Ace on the flop wins it for riggstad. lightning is out and we’re left with just a dozen.

Now ... no one had been getting big raises called for a few orbits, so I thought that I would jam with 8-8. Sigh ...


Blogger bayne_s said...

It was a sick hand I nailed you with. If wonka folds I can't call because then reasonable assumption is that I am drawing to 2 Aces at 2:1. Both being there probably means pocket pairs and Aces are not so likely as I am holding one

12:30 PM  
Blogger surflexus said...

Link is up.

11:29 PM  

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