Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Bodonkey time! Tournament competition begins ...

Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament

T O N I G H T !! Better bring your A game ...

Well, it looks like I'll have to aim for the leaderboard in week three since I will be in Las Vegas next week.

The tournament started off well, and then I got NO PLAYABLE HANDS for almost the entire second hour -- not even one in which to make a last-ditch all-in move to keep myself afloat. I finally picked up Cowboys with about $1,000 left and was called by someone with A-8. Of course, you know the drill. No Aces however-- just two 8's on the flop, turn, and river to send me to the rail.

Quite a disappointment after winning my fourth Bodonkey last week.

I guess the poker gods are evening things up for the heater they gave me on Saturday and Sunday. Hmmm ... that is a trade I'll gladly take.


Blogger PokahDave said...

what's going on with your real estate debacle....nothings changed for me...maybe by the end of the month. You keep mentioning about how unique your house is....what kind of house is it??

7:28 PM  
Blogger kurokitty said...

Thanks for your nice comments re: the Bodonkey. Yeah, similar to your thoughts, I didn't feel bad last night when I got bounced from the Mookie early since I had a sick run of cards the night before to win the Bodonkey. lol

6:05 AM  

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