Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Blast from the Past - Shark Poker Tour

Wow - tonight seemed like old times, playing a Shark Poker Tour event. When I first started playing online poker, one of my first goals was to actually cash in a Shark tournament. Of course, I was new to all this and pretty darn raw. I was so proud to take a screenie when I cashed in my first Shark event.

Shark's number one rule is to be aggressive -- "no calling stations in this army." I caught some cards early on and followed the Shark precept. I got paid off on most and led a significant amount of the tournament.

Kudos to SSEXYAZZ and JIGDOG2000. It seemed like we played three-handed forever until my pocket 9's were busted by JIGDOG2000's A-rag. I went all in pre-flop and he called, covering me by a few thousand chips. He spiked an Ace on the flop and sent me to the felt in third place. They are still going at it as I write.

Funny thing -- I only played because Absolute Poker put $10 in my account this evening to get me back to that site.

Oh yeah -- my dismal performances in BBT3 continued at a Riverchasers Omaha Hi PL game. I can't even score any points in BBT3, yet I had a fairly successful run in other tournaments these past eight days.


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