Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

For some unknown reason, I am thoroughly exhausted by the time I get home from work on most Tuesdays. This spells danger for me on the virtual tables, as I already know not to play when I am dog tired. However, Tuesday is the night for the weekly Bodonkey, and I needed to get some leaderboard points to move up before it becomes too late.

Well -- running Queens into Aces made for an early exit. But, just to be consistent, I also was one of the first ones out of a CardsChat buy-in late in the afternoon.

That Wednesday Mookie is suddenly looking a lot better ...

Kaja's not Too Shy

Kajagugu stirred things up the other day in a post inspired by swimmom95's final table deal with ScottMc -- essentially chopping the pot and giving him a TOC seat when she held a 2 to 1 chip lead. Kaja talked about blogger relationships, bloggers backing other bloggers, and the possibility of things like soft play and collusion. My response in the comments section of his blog:

Ha ha - this "controversy" makes me laugh. Let's see ... we play a game that traditionally has been full of cheats. We sometimes suspect that the RNGs aren't quite so random. We now know what a superuser account is. People know about JJProdigy and ZeeJustin. People have side conversations on girly chat while in a tournament. Some of the bloggers have already chronicled their past history, including various incidents of illegal behavior. Is it so hard to imagine that things might not always be as innocent as they seem? Oh yeah - my state's former governor is in prison. The current governor appears to be heading in that direction -- sometime in the next 2-6 years. Nothing surprises anymore.

Oh, Those Crazy Bloggers ...

The sociology of bloggerdom is actually quite interesting. In some ways it is generational, with the old guard (the so-called A-listers) and the next wave (B-listers and C-listers), and people like me who tend to stay clear of most of what goes on. Every so often an issue comes up (fueled by alcohol most often, I suspect) that gets someone's panties in a bunch. Make sure you read the blogs then, for they can be very entertaining. Nothing like having resentments and issues bubble to the surface every now and then ...

Have a good one. See ya at The Mookie.


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