Monday, March 17, 2008

One Heck of a Cash Hand
I was involved in an unbelievable hand over the weekend, but unfortunately, I was playing at Bodog, so I don't have anything decent in hand histories to post.

The situation: Bodog $100 NL table ($1/.50 blinds).
I was dealt pocket Queens. There was a raise and a call in front of me, so I called.
Flop: 3-Q-7 with two diamonds on the board.
I don't recall if there was a raise in front of me, but I put in a big one, which led to a re-raise. I went all in and was called by both other players in the hand. Since everyone was all in, the hands were turned over. One of my opponents had pocket 3's and the other had pocket 7's! I had heard of hands like this before, but I had never been in one. There were no suckouts, fortunately, and I scooped a huge pot. Talk about a double cooler!
No one had any diamonds. Otherwise, I would have been one unhappy fellow as the flop and turn put four diamonds on the board.

Forgetable Tournament Weekend
I had a nasty tournament weekend, pushing Kings into Aces, Queens into Kings, tens into Jacks, ...
'nough said.

I am not sure if I am playing the MATH BBT3 tournament tonight. I don't seem to do well in the six-handed games. I came close to cashing in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly PLO tournamnet on Saturday. I am being more patient, but was perhaps too patient on Saturday when two hands I chose not to call hit the flop hard. If I play either one of them, I probably cash. Such is the learning curve.


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