Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Week at Work; Boring Week at the Tables
My quest for a seat at the 2008 WSOP continues to go nowhere. Last week brought nothing but frustration. Work is very busy for me this time of year and I have had to decrease my poker time accordingly. Also, I find that as tension and stress increase in my life, my poker prowess dips accordingly.

There was a bit of redemption last night, however, as I got two third place finishes -- one at a Shark re-buy at (my favorite site from before the Neteller fiasco) and one at a massive CardsChat freeroll at Full Tilt. While neither put much money in my pocket, they at least made me remember that yes -- I can go deep against either tough (Shark) or big numbers (CardsChat) competition if I play my game. In fact, I decided to pass on The Big Game since I was having so much fun in the others.

Tonight: MATH. I made last week's final table, and I hope to do so again tonight.

House Woes Continue
I had some hopes for selling my house last week. Someone with real interest (but with some warning signs) was supposed to make a decision by Friday. Of course, this family didn't even have the courtesy to notify my agent that they decided against placing an offer. Sigh.


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