Friday, May 02, 2008

Nice Finish in the Weekly Shark Home Game
For once, Absolute Poker did not get the best of me and send me to the rail when I was a clear favorite. This was actually a chop between first and second place, however. SsexyAzz had a huge chip lead on me going into heads up, but I quickly pulled even. I needed to get some other things done before I went to bed, so I offered to chop, and SsexyAzz agreed.

Riverchasers, on the other hand, did not go so well. There was nothing that I did terribly wrong, but it was just a night when the cards did not fall right at all. I was a short stack and went all in with A-Qspades. I was called by wwonka69, who had A-K. End of Story.


Blogger The Average Joe said...

Nice job on the dubya!!

I'm surprised to not see another FTP special aka 3 outer... That place is becoming notorious for that shit on me...

1:53 AM  

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