Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Illinois Charitable Games
I had another good cash day at Illinois Charitable Games. A wickedly good cash player joined the table and sat next to me, so I treated him very carefully. Fortunately, there were enough bad players to give all the better players a cash boost.

I actually played in a tournament -- the special 10 Dolla Holla. It is a winner-take-all ultra-turbo tournament. Deals are allowed at the final table. We had about 40 runners and I was able to make the final table, but had one of the short stacks since everyone at my original table was tight, generating very few extra chips via rebuys. I went out with K-J sooted vs A-rag. I caught my Jack on the flop, but an Ace on the turn sent me to the rail.
I played more aggro than usual and was doing okay, then made a donkey call that decimated my stack, which then ran into A-A. Just not a good night.

I made it to the final 12 of Tuesday's Bodonkey, but my A-10 sooted ran into A-K. Not good when the flop brings K-A-A!


Blogger BrainMc said...

Oops, I "mispoke" in my earlier comment. You obviously didn't get bounced by the Aces. Now I remember your hand was near the final table bubble. What a great memory I've developed when I can't remember a big flop like that.

3:17 PM  

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