Monday, May 05, 2008

Set vs. Set (vs. Set vs. ...)
Yesterday, I was in the situation you can do virtualy nothing about -- set vs. set. You call the raise and see the flop: Bingo -- a set with an uncoordinated board! You check since you know the aggro player will bet, then you raise. When put all in, you know that the only thing that has you beat is a higher set. You make the call ... damn. One buy-in out the door. Typical Full Tilt poker hand, right?

Well ... this past Saturday at my local $1/2 "home game" at Illinois Charitable Games, I saw something that I had not even seen in online rooms.

An initial raise was made, and there were immediately two callers. The big blind, however, bumped it up to $25 all day, and got three callers. The board was Q-7-3 rainbow, which elicited ... four players going all in! They turned over their cards, and we saw that three players made their set on the flop. Now, I had seen this one time before on Bodog, so I was not entirely shocked. However, the only guy who didn't make his set on the flop had A-A!

The turn and flop brought no help to anyone, and the Big Blind, who had Q-Q, scooped one hell of a nice pot. One big hand, three very disappointed players. Glad I was on the sidelines for that one.


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