Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just When Things Seemed to Be Heading the Right Way ...
Not exactly a successful past few days on the real and virtual felt.

I decided to play at Illinois Charitable Games on Saturday even though I was worn out from a few days with a spring cold. The main event was scheduled for 7pm, and I had a hard time seeing myself playing that and then having a long drive home. When I got to the ICG location, it was evident that there were not going to be enough people playing the main event to make the prize what was advertised -- a buy in to the WSOP Main Event -- so ... I just played the cash tables.

Funny thing -- my friends at ICG all know me as a cash game only player since I so rarely play the tournaments. After getting sucked out on more than a few times, I have tended to leave the tournaments alone.

I hit two sets in the first six hands, so I thought I was in for a great night. One guy was slinging chips left and right, but he hesitated when I entered since I was new. Damn. I would have loved a quick double up in those first six hands.

After several hours, I ended up ... geez -- dead even! Talk about kissing your sister!

My play at Monday's MATH was less than stellar. I didn't even make it to the first break.

Tonight's Bodonkey and Skillz Series: Lost a tough hand in the Bodonkey to PokerPeaker -- JJ vs QQ. The flop was a rainbow of low cards, so we both pushed. I climed back up with some aggressive play, but couldn't hit a flop or win a coin flip when I needed it.

Same thing with the Skillz Series, which was pot limit Hold Em. I was doing well for some time, made an error or two, then went out on a coin flip -- A-10hearts vs 3-3. A three on the river sealed my fate.

Time is running out. Only three more chances at the TOC, and, I think, one more Bodonkey left.
Upcoming Las Vegas Trips
I have a rather unique trip coming up June 11-13. For years, my youngest daughter delighted in hearing Dad's tales of that great wonderland, Las Vegas. She has always wanted to go there, and, pending her final grades, she will get her wish next month.
For me, this will be a ... gulp ... non-gambling trip. We plan on seeing the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the Lions Habitat at MGM Grand, M&M's World, the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, Fantasy Faire at Excalibur ...
If anyone has any additional suggestions (my daughter is 11 1/2), please let me know.
I know that a number of bloggers will be in town, so if there is any plan for a meet-up, I will try and stop by for a quick one.
My next trip to Las Vegas is planned for September 1-5. No animals this time -- only poker.


Blogger Mondogarage said...

Man, I wish our trips coincided, I'd like to meet you in person and say hi. We're there June 5-9 and, oddly enough, may hardly see a single blogger.

Anyway, there's always the Star Trek experience, if your girl's into that sorta thing.

12:26 PM  
Blogger lj said...

hoover dam? some sort of red rocks/nature type trip?

thanks for the comment. i was rooting for you (when we were not at same table), but felt so bad that my "goooooooooooooo lightning" coincided w/ the A coming on the river w/ your JJ v. AK. :-(

7:54 PM  

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