Monday, June 02, 2008

Is this a new month? A new week? Thank goodness -- maybe some things will change.

My weekend got off to a poor start when my home game was canceled for lack of players. That meant that not only was my in-person poker jones not going to be met, but that my bankroll wouldn't have a chance to go up the way it usually does from the home games. I cash almost every time.

On Saturday, the Bodog Mini-SOP Event #2 was going well as I cracked the top 100. Only 27 places were being paid and I felt like I could make a run at it ... until I ran pocket 10's into pocket Jacks. I put my opponent on a medium-strong Ace, which would have been ideal with the low rainbow flop. The wrong guess here put me on the sidelines.

Sunday's Big Game was going well in the first hour, as I was in the top ten for some time. I was 11th at the first break. A failure to hit any flops started eating away at my stack, and then I unfortunately ran my Q-Q into A-A. Crippled and with about 1,000 chips left with increasing blinds, I went all in with J-10, figuring that I would have two live cards and at least a shot at doubling up. My opponent had A-Q. What a joy to see the flop, turn, and river give my opponent quad Aces. What a way to go out. At least no one sucked out on me.

It looks like I finished the BBT3 in 20th place, so at least I'll get a FT jersey out of it. Of course, I am still waiting on my FT shirt from felting Scott Fischman in a blogger tournament.

Tuesday night's Bodonkey could be sweet. smokkee has a $270 bounty on him, but I need to concentrate on a big finish to have any chance of making the Bodog finals.

Sunday will be the freeroll for bloggers who pimped FT. At least I have one final chance to get a WSOP minor event buy-in from that season.

I believe that I will play blogger tournaments sparingly now that the big competitions will be over. My schedule did not allow for a whole lot of other tournaments, so I will be glad to have a little more freedom in choosing my methods of self degradation.


Blogger Mondogarage said...

Damn, we run like twins, almost. Bodog TT into JJ? Yup, standard.

I won't be playing the blogger freeroll, nor the Bodog main event point final, because I'll already be in Vegas, and no matter how much I love the intraweb pokerz, I didn't book a Vega$ vacation only to sit there and play internet poker for half of it.

Enjoy my dead money!

12:06 PM  

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