Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Run Goot Lately, No? NO !!!
Ahh ... just a short little post to whine about my latest gifts from the poker gods.

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly at PokerStars: I was getting no cards and saw my stack dwindling as the blinds were increasing. I stayed in a pot with the best hand I had gotten in some time: x-x-10-10. The flop came x-10-9, and I was guessing that at least one person had a good possibility of a straight draw. But, being a shortie, I pushed all in. There were two callers. The turn was a beauty -- a 9! So ... with top boat of 10s over 9s, I was feeling pretty good. My stack would go back over 3,000, and I could make a good run. I was a bit worried, however, when one of the two remaining players raised. The river was a blank, and I was ready to collect all my chippies ... except that the guy who raised after the turn had -- you guessed it -- x-x-9-9. My boat was sunk by the quads, and I was left wondering why I even attempted to play on PokerStars again. PokerStars has been the absolutely worst place for me to play.

CardsChat $200 added at Full Tilt: I chipped up early and was feeling like I would take the sucka down. I was catching cards and playing a good, aggressive game. Then it happened. I got A-A in middle position, and a shortie went all in in front of me. I went all in to isolate, and it was just my A-A vs his Q-J sooted. Yep -- he hit his flush.

I did eek out a small triumph when I called a very short stack all in with A-8. The shortie had me dominated with somethink like A-Q, but a paired my 8 and sent her to the rail.

Next baddie: A shortie goes all in and I call with A-J. I am up against J-rag, and of couse, the rag pairs on the flop, and I lose the hand.

Finally, with my stack decimated and the blinds increasing, I go all in in middle position with 6-6. I am called by a chip leader, who has A-Q. The flop brings a Q and the turn is a Q ... Nope, I am not winning this coin flip.

I am reminded once again of how, in order to win a tournament, your good hands have to hold up, you win some coin flips, and you suck out one or more times. Bah!


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Thx for stopping by... Oh, is there a site where u can exchange Stars for Tilt?

Yea, Alicia Sacramona is the 1st gymnist I recall having big cans... Still silver isn't that bad of a thing and she'll probably be a model and/or in Playboy in the future...

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