Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Little Rambling on a Tough Day ...
Today has just been a day of many emotions. Some of the stuff going on and through my life today ...

Gary812: You Da Man!
Congrats to Gary812 for taking down the Online Forum Challenge buy-in event at Absolute Poker today. Gary was proudly representing the Shark Poker Tour. He is one tough hombre on the virtual felt. He already had a big rep at Shark when I started playing poker a few years ago. The first time I ever bounced him from a tournament, I knew that I was on the right track. Gary is one hell of a poker player and, although I've never met him in person, every interaction I have had with him tells me that he is probably also one hell of a guy. Congrats Gar!

As For My Poker Game ...
As for me ... I sucked today. In the first hand of a CardsChat loyaler freeroll, I ran QQ into KK. Just when it looked like I would double up and bring myself out of a huge hole, my 10-10 was conterfeited when beardyian, who called with 9-9, hit a two outer on the river. Ouch.

I never got untracked in the Online Forum Challenge game. Everytime I had a hand, I was put to the test by someone who most likely had me beat. It was just one of those tournaments when nothing seemed to work. Funny thing -- I was playing for CardsChat, but wearing a shirt. Such is life when you are part of more than one online poker community.

Making It Through the Grind at Work
School starts tomorrow, so one of the worst times of the year for my job is almost at an end. Handling student after student used to be a lot more fun when I was younger. Now, I seem lucky to make it to the end of a difficult day. However ... Las Vegas is only two weeks away, and I sure need the break.

And About That House ...
Two weeks from now, I will FINALLY be out from under my old house. About the only things left before closing are a termite inspection and some things we need to clear out of the house. I can't believe that the nightmare is almost over. Life can finally return to normal, I hope.

My Dad's Been Gone For Four Years
It is now four years since my father passed away. It still seems like just a few months ago that he was around. Although I don't like to dwell on the negative things from the past, I am still haunted, to some degree, by being there when the life support systems were turned off and watching him die. It is such an unbelievably horrible feeling and an experience I can't possibly describe. God knows how people are able to handle situations ten times worse, like watching a loved one be the victim of a violent crime. Dad, the White Sox pasted the A's today, so I know you are happy.

What About That New Pet?
Finally, I decided that we would expand the family by one today. My oldest daughter got the chinchilla she wanted. I really didn't want her to get it, but it was the kind of decision you make when you are a father. Something I learned from my old man years ago ...


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