Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crap Start to the Week
Last night was one of those nights when I seemed to be running from one thing to another. Come home from work ... heat up dinner ... pick up prescriptions at pharmacy ... go to high school honors assembly ... go to homeowners association meeting ... return home to see how much I was blinded out in the Bodonkey ... take out garbage recyclables for weekly pick up. Exciting life, huh?

I was not in terrible shape in the Bodonkey when I got home, missing the first 45 minutes of the tournament. I doubled up and was looking okay until I stayed in a few hands too long. At the end, I was in the big blind when the small blind (big stack) raised. Thinking it was just an attempt to grab the blinds, I went all in with Q-3os. Unfortunately, the small blind called (with a so-so hand -- I don't remember what) and sent me to the rail. Dumb play on my part.

Having a lot of hustle and bustle before a tournament seems to take away my concentration. Yeah, this sounds lame-o I guess, but I find that I need to concentrate much, much more in online tournaments. I never seem to make stupid moves in tournaments when I play live.

I have been getting pretty bored with online poker lately. I haven't played live for some time, so I am hoping to play in the final WSOP circuit tournament this weekend in Hammond, IN. However, I did go back to playing some $1/2 ring game action on Full Tilt the past week. I forgot how juicy those games can be if you are at the right tables. One good week and I won back what I had been pissing away over the last few months.

I am awaiting the unfortunate landslide I expect in next Tuesday's election. The poor economy has just absolutely killed McCain. I'm not sure if he could have won anyway, but at least things might have been a little closer going into the final week before the election.

I offer early congratulation to Mondogarage, an ardent Obama supporter. To help him celebrate (he he), I have been posting comments on his blog in Arabic. Oh Mondo -- in case you were wondering, my last comment (on your new phone post) read something like "You may use your new phone to celebrate the victory of John McCain." Lame attempt at humor from a crying McCain supporter.


Blogger Mondogarage said...

Dammit, I should start translating my comments into Cyrillic, lol.

Guess we'll both have to attack the Bodonkey with renewed vigor later. I may not be in it much this time around, as my band rehearses most Thursdays...

Anyway, I'm not counting any chickens or chipstacks just yet. :-)

9:48 PM  
Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

What troubles me is a Democratic Congress with a Democratic President. Little checks and balances.

Obama will be given a free ride for the first two years of his Presidcency because no matter what happens it will be blamed on George Bush. He only has to worry about the last two years because you can't blame Bush forever (although it will be attempted by many).

8:53 PM  
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