Saturday, November 29, 2008

The lightning36 Family Pets Flora
Flora is the newest addition to the lightning family. My youngest daughter, Erin, never had her own pet and wanted one. Of course, she would have us spend lots of money to get a macaw or a toucan. We thought that a lovebird would be a nice start.
Gravy is another relatively new resident to the lightning household. My oldest daughter, Heather, was looking for a cuddly pet. We used to have hamsters, gerbils, and rats -- yes, rats. We switched to rats since they tended to withstand rough handling by children. The last of the rats died a few years ago, so it was time for another small furry pet. Heather wanted a chinchilla and found one that was raised by someone just outside of town. Gravy is very soft and seems to take to Heather well. I look at him and see great potential -- ear muffs maybe?
Ivy joined the household in a sneaky way. Mrs. lightning arranged to have an out-of-town friend "surprise" her with a very late birthday gift. We couldn't return a birthday present, could we? Ivy, who got her name due to her constant climbing, has already destroyed countless window screens. If there is no way for her to get inside or outside, she creates a way. We finally got a cat door to help minimize the damage. She is a typical cat -- way too independent for my liking, and sucks up when she wants to be fed or go out. Of course, that just means that she is female ...

Ginger has been with us for several years. We had to give up our previous dog, Granville (named after Granville Waiters, former Chicago Bulls player) when Granville decided that he didn't like the new additions to the lightning pack when our kids were very young. We went without a dog for several years, then decided to go to the local humane society to get a puppy. Mrs. lightning picked out Ginger, and what a great choice it was. Ginger is good-natured, fun-loving, and as loyal as they come. Unfortunately, after having surgery she discovered how nice it was to get her belly scratched. Now -- that is all she ever wants!
Additionally, we have an indoor aquarium that Mrs. lightning made into a coffee table. Ivy loves to watch the fish swim by, which we call "Cat TV" (see picture of Ivy above). We also have a small pond in the backyard that is stocked with shubunkin, which are koi-like goldfish.

Rumor has it that the lightning household also has a donkey, but that is a topic for another day ...


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