Friday, February 27, 2009

Bulls Family loses Johnny "Red" Kerr the same day as Norm Van Lier
Yesterday was a terrible day for Chicago Bulls fans across the world. We were saddened to hear that Bulls broadcaster and former Bulls great Stormin' Norman Van Lier passed away at his home. The day got worse at news reports confirmed that Johnny "Red" Kerr, the first coach of the Bulls and a long-time broadcaster, succumbed to prostate cancer. Kerr had been associated with the Bulls for almost the entire history of the franchise.

Rick Telander wrote a nice tribute to these outstanding men who contributed so much to the Bulls and the Bulls fans. Thank you, gentlemen. You will not soon be forgotten. Rest in peace.


Blogger MurryTheCat said...

I remember watching that Bulls team with Van-Lier and Sloan. That was one tough set of guards.

6:39 PM  

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