Thursday, February 12, 2009

Close but No Bananas

A couple of interesting tournament results for me the past two nights. I somehow stayed in the Mookie Wednesday night despite getting absolutely crappy hands. Then, when with about twenty people left and hovering around Dank Position (last of the survivors), I got pocket Queens and was all in with, I think, two other players. Wouldn't you know it -- I got real Damn Queen Bitches!! I ended up taking the lead and was doing fine until I lost a big coin flip vs Blinders when he was all in. Blinders, NYRambler, and I ended up about even in chips, and then the bottom fell out for me. Crap cards and a loss of concentration seemed to erode my stack quickly. Couldn't catch a break on a flop. Got away with a bluff or two. Looked for an all-in opportunity, but kept waiting for a decent pre-flop hand to push. One never came. Out in third.
Evil Wonka and I were talking about the number of Mookie victories we each had earlier in the tournament. Little did I know that I would blow my chance for Mookie #2 a few hours later. I never expected to be sitting in the final three. I never expected that I would finish the tournament with such listless play. Bah.
Tonight's Shark Poker Tour tournament was different. After trolling around in the middle of the pack for the first couple hours, I sucked out Q-Q vs K-K. I then hit a torrid streak of cards and knocked out several players. I had a big chip advantage going into heads up, and had quite a battle. I went out on a nasty play -- my trips vs a straight. I played pretty well but just didn't get the win.
At least it looks like I have gotten back on track. After winning a $10 SNG on PokerStars, I hit a little streak where I went out quickly in a few tournaments. Hard to tell what will happen in the future in this silly game.


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Dang you've been getting close lately! You'll get them.

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