Sunday, March 22, 2009

BBT4 Update
Finished in 4th place at the Brit Blogger tournament today -- a good finish, but frustrating. I need some type of final table slumpbuster, maybe? I went down to 5th place on the March leaderboard at the end of last week. Today helped, but I need a win. Badly.

Kicked in the Junk by the Local School Administrators
Just when I thought that I was a step or two ahead of the economy, my wife got notified at the end of last week that her job was on the RIF list for her school district. She spent the past couple of years helping to secure funding for the local elementary schools for computer equipment. Now that the school district has the hardware, they decide that they don't need the person who trains the teachers the applications for the hardware? What kind of short-sighted idiots do we have making decisions?

Some teachers are very upset and are attempting to an e-mail campaign to save the position. I only hope that a local developer, a mover and shaker within the community who donated tons of money for the equipment, catches wind of this. He might be the only person who could make a difference at this point.

My wife is certified in special education and elementary education and has a middle school endorsement in language arts and probably some other areas, so we know that she should be able to come up with something else. However, this is the second time in her career that a job she loved disappeared due to mind-numbing decisions by school administrators. Morons.


Blogger OhCaptain said...

Geez dude, you change your address to "Final Table @ Full" Yet?

I work in IT and have actively pushed local schools into not spending tons of money on equipment they weren't prepared to educate their staff on how to use. It's just so stupid to think that if you bring in high tech equipment that it will just run itself. Some schools are just better off sticking to pencils and paper.

11:04 PM  
Blogger smokkee said...

sorry to hear the bad news but things will work themselves out, they usually do. hang in there.

2:40 AM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

Technically you can still win the player of the month. If you can still final table every other tourney I'm sure your two pair will be good enough to win soon...
On a different subject your wife should be able to get another job the current one doesn't work out......Did you say she has a SpEd degree? That's a good field to be in these days......

4:12 PM  

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