Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Musings
Prison Break

Am I the only poker blogger who loves Prison Break? This deliciously wonderful series is coming to an end in the next two weeks. Yes -- how can you make breaking out of a prison into four seasons? Well ... you get prisoners ready to break out, then you show them on the loose, then some get captured and put in a different prison, then they escape ... and on and on ...

Word is out that T-Bag will have a great ending. What kind of ending would be great for a murdering sex fiend who now shows some depth?

This show has so many wacky twists and turns that nothing is easy to predict. However, I will venture a guess at the endings for some characters:

T-Bag -- dead
Self -- dead
The General -- dead
Christina -- dead
Michael and Sara -- live happily ever after
Lincoln -- reunited with LJ, maybe getting married to Sophia
Mahone -- reunites with ex-wife

There is supposed to be someone from the past coming back at the end. My wife wonders if perhaps Sucre comes back. I think Gretchen -- and she winds up dead.

I haven't looked forward to a television show this much for several years. The last two episodes should be great. Also, there is supposed to be a two-hour episode that is a subplot that was never shown. When will Fox show us this?

Dropping the Hammer
I was able to provide clarification for some private forum members who could not believe the play of a poker blogger in a $100 deep-stack buy-in tournament. One forum member said, "I must say, I was shocked at some of the play in this high of a buyin event. There were a lot of ats (any two sooted) players that you would expect in a much lower buyin or even a freeroll..." A person who was playing in the tournament remarked, "Yes, with 232 big blinds this guy re-raised twice and called all-in with 7 2 off."

Yes -- a blogger dropped the hammer in a $100 buy-in deep-stack tournament with blinds at 10/20 -- calling an all-in bet for 232 big blind total pre-flop-- and lost to pocket Kings. I explained to the forum members about poker bloggers and the hammer. Gold, Jerry, gold.

Of Bulls and Hawks

The Bulls lost game seven to Boston, which I certainly expected. They played their hearts out but blew their chances to win earlier in the series. What do the Bulls do now? Do they pay a king's ransom to keep Ben Gordon, using resources they could use to sign a primo free agent in the future? Does John Paxson keep his job? What should this team look like next year?

The Blackhawks evened their series against the Canucks at 1-1. I am still sticking with my original prediction of the Hawks in six games. The next games in the United Center should be fantastic -- great NHL playoff hockey. Expect that there will be plenty of hard hitting and physical action -- and hopefully two Hawk victories.

It's a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game ...

The weather in central Ilinois is beautiful today. After three consecutive rainouts, my softball team will play its first game of the season tonight. My goal: No broken bones, no muscle pulls, no limping at work tomorrow. Yes -- your goal in sports change when you get older.

Oh yeah -- poker. It sucked this weekend. It started off on Friday in tournament play when I raised in middle position with A-A. One limper in early position called. Flop was K-rag-rag. Opponent went all-in. Does she have a set? I didn't believe so -- I put her on A-K. I called. She turns over K-9. Yessss. But ... The turn: 9. The river: 9. And THAT is how I roll sometimes.

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend didn't get much better. Praise be Monday!!

Please let me know where to deposit my $1 fine for the bad beat story...


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

To answer your first question: Yes you are the only one who watches PB, however, my gf's mom loves the show too for some weird reason.

11:43 AM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

that runner runner crap happens to me all the time dude...I'm sure it happens to everybody all the time but it doesn't ease the pain. Esp. when some pimply 17 year old kid is behind the runner runner...

12:49 PM  
Blogger Mike Maloney said...

I watched Prison Break faithfully through the start of the fourth season, and about five episodes in my wife and I couldn't take it anymore.

The plot in Season 3 was a little on the ridiculous side, and then in the premiere of Season 4 they basically invalidated the entire third season, so I just couldn't suspend my disbelief any longer. I still read about what happens now that I know it's getting axed, but no way I can watch it anymore.

As far as the Bulls go, they already have $63 million locked up in 9 players for next season, so there's not much money to be spent. If I'm making the decisions, I get Ben Gordon far away from the team as soon as possible so that he can go be a me-first overpaid diva somewhere else, I move Salmons to the 2 (with the ability to play the 3 if needed), have Deng at the 3, find a veteran big man at PF who has some scoring potential and sign them with my midlevel exception, and then fill out the last two spots with my two first round draft picks I have this year, which I hope to take on a promising SG and a possible guy at the 3.

Or, I try and shop Tyrus and a first round pick and see if there's anything interesting out there (Probably not since the draft is pretty weak).

Either way, the last thing the team needs right now is to throw more money into a long term contract.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Schaubs said...

I watch PB. I just watched Friday's ep. last night.

I am glad it is coming to an end... but there were a ton of great characters for sure...

3:08 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

"Please let me know where to deposit my $1 fine for the bad beat story"

No fine, but I get to tell mine to you next time, heheh.

2:00 PM  

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