Friday, August 14, 2009

Near Victory in Shark Home Game
I must be doing something right lately as I almost pulled off a victory at the weekly Shark Poker Tour "home game." I was the shorter stack of the final two and pushed with a weak Ace. I was called by my opponent who had something like K-Q. The flop brought some paint and it was over.

My poker tournament success (or lack thereof) seems to come in big streaks. I was on my game in February and did quite well. I started off really hot at the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 4 in March, final tabling several events with many runners. I won a BBT4 prop bet in April, then fizzled badly. Although I had several good finishes in BBT4, I failed to win an event and was forced to watch the BBT4 final from the rail.

Participation in blogger tournaments has fallen off since BBT4 (burnout and summer are major factors), but I have actually been doing okay, winning a couple of Mookies and at least one Skillz game.

And I attribute this to ... who knows? I have been playing pretty well and have been making less moronic decisions. I also seem to be winning my share of coin flips. But hey -- no complaints from me.

I have not been playing in many other tournaments as this is a busy and stressful time for me at work. My cash game play has been following a usual pattern -- get ahead, then make a bonehead call or get sucked out on. More discipline is really needed here.

I am itching to make some comments regarding Chicago sports, but I'll wait until the weekend to address issues such as Patrick "20 cent" Kane, the Cubs, Kenny Williams, and da Bears. There is never a dull moment in Chicago sports.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the near-miss in the Shark game. I was playing bridge that evening, so missed it.

Are you playing today in the OFC freebie? They put the cutoff at 5,000 players. Should be a righteous donkfest, for sure.

1:46 PM  

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