Thursday, February 04, 2010

2010 WBCOOP Recap
It had been some time since I played at PokerStars. I never really played much there, for when I did, it seemed like I took too many horrendous beats. However, the 2010 WBCOOP seeemed like a good chance to give PokerStars another try.

What kind of play was in the WBCOOP? It seems like it depended upon which tournament you were in and which table you were at. In four of the tournaments I seemed to be an average freeroll donk. However, I did have three good finishes:

Event #2: 4th Place $215 SCOOP entry ticket
Event #3: 96th Place $11 SCOOP entry ticket
Main Event: 81st Place $22 SCOOP entry ticket

Final tabling Event #2 -- Omaha -- was great. My play was sharp and I really had a legitimate chance to take it down. However, losing flopped full house to higher flopped full house did me in. If ever there was a time I needed the ol' "One time!" that was it.

The Main Event was so very disappointing. After playing another sharp game, I lost when my K-K all-in was beaten on the river by A-8. Dang -- a double up and I would have been prepared to go much deeper.

Thanks to PokerStars for hosting these blogger tournaments. I look forward to playing in some SCOOP events later this spring. And ... looks like I need to deposit on Stars and give it a new chance in 2010.


Blogger BWoP said...

FYI, if you email the bloggertournamet folks at Stars, they can break down the SCOOP tickets into whatever buy-in increments you need (once the SCOOP sched is announced). I initially asked the people at regular support if I could do that, and they said no.


3:37 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

congrats on some nice scores.

4:32 PM  

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