Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Lurve the Internet, Part I
I don't remember what prompted it, but I told my youngest daughter about a terribly embarrassing story from my waaaay younger days -- third grade, to be exact.

Gym class was over. The teacher took all the girls out of the classroom and went with them into the girls bathroom to change. Now, it's not like the girls had a difficult time with that since, going to a Catholic grade school in the 1960's, they were all wearing typical uniforms -- white blouses and jumpers. They usually just wore their gym shorts underneath.

The boys were left in the regular classroom to change. We usually changed quickly since we didn't want to be caught -- uh -- exposed -- when the girls came back to the room. However, the class clown, a little skinny guy with curly dark hair and an oval head like a grape, kept messing around. Suddenly the door opens and the girls poured back into the classroom. One problem: Michael, the class clown, waited too long to change and was caught in the front of the class in his tighty whities. As the girls took their seats, he was hiding behind the teacher's chair at the front of the room. The look on his face? Pure terror!

Michael left the school after third grade, never to be seen again. One time some years back, I tried googling his name on the net. Nothing. However, after telling the story to my daughter, I tried looking him up on facebook yesterday.

Shazam! Found him, and he looks just the same as in third grade -- only 40 years older. Maybe I should message him ... he he ...

Part II
Growing up in the 1960's and 70's, I have always had a fondness for the pop music of that era. I remember searching through the bargain bin in the local drug store when I was young -- looking for one of those 45's that only cost 39 cents. One day I spotted a 45 from Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, the group that did Wooly Bully. Ju Ju Hand? Never heard the song, but it was worth a try for 39 cents. It was an okay song, but the flip side was fantastic, featuring Domingo Samudio's (Sam's) great voice in a serious song. The song Big City Lights became one of my all-time favorites.

A few years ago I searched the net for the song but came up with nothing. I tried again this week, and ...... yesssssssssssssss -- someone put it on You Tube!

For those of us who have a few rings around the tree, the internet has provided us with links to the past that are beyond belief. It certainly makes me wonder what kind of world my kids will be living in long after my days on this earth are over.


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