Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warning -- Poker Content
Last night was a fun night -- traveling 100+ miles to a home game. Ever since my home game evaporated I have been wistfully thinking about how nice it would be to have it back. The next best thing, however, is going to someone else's home game. So, when I got an invitation to gadzook64's home game -- and had my wife out of town for the weekend -- it looked like it was road trip time!

I had been feeling a little under the weather yesterday -- a combination of fatigue from the busy time of the year at work and either some bad food or some 24-hour bug. Therefore, my day consisted of sleep, food, and poker. I guess life could be worse.

I had played in gazdook's home game once before. I was surprised that she remembered that I lost most of my chips when my flopped top-top with A-K got counterfeited when A-J binked a Jack on the turn.

What I got for my 200+ mile round trip? Over 4 1/2 hours of solid poker in a great environment. The players were pretty solid and are a friendly bunch. Although I did flop a straight and a nut flush, the best starting hand I got was 10-10. Unfortunately, I went out two people short of the money when, with huge blinds, I shoved with A-5os in the big blind and was called by gadzooks, who had called in the small blind with Q-8sooted. She caught an 8 on the flop and that was enough to felt me.

Yeah -- driving 100 miles home starting at midnight kind of sucked, but I had a great time. Thanks, Sheila!

Tournament Action
I had been playing some $.50/$1 NL at Full Tilt recently and hit a pretty good streak of success. Of course, then it was time for Full Tilt to turn on me, and boom -- the money dwindled away. I find it amazing how many times the perfect card comes on the river, making you think you are a winner, but completing a gutshot or a flush draw for your opponent.

As for tournaments, I have been using my supreme roaching talent to cash in some blogger tournaments and freerolls. No big deals about any of them -- just some low limit tournament fun times.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Glad you had a good time at Zooks.

8:10 PM  
Blogger BamBam said...

^--- is SOOOOOOOOO jealous you got some "zooks" time!


9:11 PM  

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