Monday, November 22, 2010

Revisiting the Old Neighborhood

Some of you might remember all the whining I did about three years ago when I could not sell my house. To review ... I bought a new house in June, 2007. After taking a few weeks to get my old house ready to go on the market, I was horified to discover that the market kept getting worse and the major problems with the economy were just beginning. It sat for a year before I was able to sell it. Some updates on the people and issues associated with the sale.

1) Dbag who bought my house: Tried to weasel out of the sale when asshat out-of-town appraiser declared that the house was "unsafe" and not eligible for a V.A. loan because three windows were "nailed shut." Windows had not been opened for years due to location and were stuck. My real estate agent took a screwdriver and opened them up in about a minute. When closing was delayed due to appraiser's report, the buyer said he might not want to buy it anymore and took off to Las Vegas. My attorney was at the post office within hours to send him a nasty letter and threaten a lawsuit. The guy did show up at the new closing date and complete the transaction, but I was not sure he would be there. I was already scheduled to be in Las Vegas and had my wife and attorney completed the sale. Never met the idiot.

Guy moved in with girlfriend and her kids. Girlfriend and kids moved out, new version of girlfriend and kids moved in. Second set of girlfriend and kids moved out. Owner apparently moved out. I hear the house is in foreclosure. Muhaha!

2) Neighbors: Good guy neighbor east of the house discovered he had a rare form of cancer and died shortly thereafter. He was in good shape and exercised regularly. Very sad.

Bad guy neighbor west of the house (used to be a good guy than suddenly started acting like a dick) who was obsessed with his lawn put his house up for sale, which surprised us. We found out he got or is getting divorced.

3) Real estate agent who sold my house in one month: Appears to have landed on his feet despite company decision to do away with residential operations and concentrate on commercial. The guy will always be gold in my book.

4) Woman I work with who served as inspiration to me during my difficult times: She was bravely fighting breast cancer only to find out that it metastasized to her spine. Despite the added strain of getting divorced, she still is hanging in there, alive and fighting for all she is worth. The cancer has stopped spreading, and all her supporters are hoping that somehow she can make it through this.

5) lightning36 family: Successfully survived through cancer and bullying issues with kids. Oldest daughter ready to move to Texas in January. Wife still looking for professional employment after school district did away with her position 20 months ago. This writer more thankful than ever this Thanksgiving for all he has been given.


Blogger Lucki Duck said...

"Oldest daughter ready to move to Texas in January."

Maybe we can make a Cowboys fan out of her! ;^)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving lightning!

11:58 PM  
Blogger Wolfshead said...

Good to know things going well for you and yours. Best wishes to the boy and hope the wife finds something. Know what it's like to be sitting for so long when it ain't your decision. Daughter, well that Texas move isn't earning her any points here. If you let her listen to Duck and become a Cowboys fan I might have to do you an injury.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like good news on the lightning home front. Glad to hear it.

10:50 PM  
Blogger PokahDave said...


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