Friday, November 26, 2010

Rooting Against Michael Vick -- For One Day Only and Friends Fighting Cancer

I know that everything has already been written about Michael Vick. No need to review his ascention to the top of the pro football world, his criminal and cruel behavior, his conviction and punishment, and his chance for redemption. Ahh ... but I must write a little.

Compared to other athletes in recent memory, Vick has received more punishment, suffered more loss, and dealt with more humiliation. Yes, his behavior was reprehensible, and although it may sounds like I am in some way condoning what he did, we have to face the fact that his crimes dealt with animals, not people.

He spent time in prison, lost virtually everything, and paid one heck of a price. But ... he has paid his debt, or more correctly, is still paying it. What more do people want?

Truth be told, I am almost always a guy who roots for the underdog. The fact that Michael Vick went through everything he did, got back into the NFL, and is now the best and most electric player in the game? What a story.

Unfortunately, Vick's Eagles are playing my Chicago Bears this Sunday. Although the Eagles are favorites and by reasonable thinking should win, I'll still believe in da Bears and predict a Bears victory this weekend.

As for Michael Vick? I'll root against him this weekend, for sure, but I'll be rooting for him the rest of the way.

Sad News About Friends Fighting Cancer
I joined a great online poker forum, Cardschat, in May 2005. One of the other members who joined in these early days was a guy named buckster436, a former truck driver who was always a big Cardschat supporter, a friendly guy at the tables, and a straight shooter in forum threads. You always knew where buck stood, and over the years he became one of the foundations of the forum.

Two weeks ago, buck posted that a colonoscopy showed he had a malignant tumor and he needed surgery. As buck continued to give updates, it became apparent that things were not going well. His doctors found that cancer had done major damage to his liver and buck seemed to be getting worse. The last report from buck's family was that it looks like the end is near. I will be praying for him tonight.

In my last post -- Revisiting the Old Neighborhood -- I gave an update of a co-worker who had been bravely fighting breast cancer. In fact, I wrote "The cancer has stopped spreading, and all her supporters are hoping that somehow she can make it through this."

Unfortunately, two days after I wrote this I received her latest CarePages update, which included this depressing news: "Due to increasing back pain over the past several weeks I requested a full body scan. I got the results which showed the main tumor in the breast is growing AND there is a new spot in my spine. What this means in layman's terms is the chemo I'm on isn't working anymore."

More terrible news for this Thanksgiving. So sad to have friends fighting for their life against cancer. More prayers tonight before I hit the sheets. More reminders of how precious life is.

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