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WPBT / Las Vegas Trip Report -- Part II

Day 3
The Saturday of the blogger weekend was one of those days when virtually nothing went right. I planned on sleeping in, only to be awakened by Very Josie, who had some morbid fear that I would miss the tournament. I guess the “no late registration” had her worrying. I hoped to use Rapid Rewards comps to eat in one of my regular places, Bally’s Sidewalk Café, but the long line at the entrance meant that my brother and I had to settle for someplace quicker. After downing a sub for breakfast/lunch, I registered for the tournament at Aria, only to find out that Josie and I were at the same table. Not good to have teammates playing against each other that early on.

The table was an interesting mixture of bloggers and a few others I didn’t know or can’t remember. On Josie’s right was Full Tilt Poker from the Rail’s Dave McCarthy. He was very aggressive, especially once he had chips, and ruled our table. Poker Grump was on my right – certainly much better than having him on my left. Blocked mostly from my sight was Absinthe, I think. Later on other notables such as Otis, Iggy, and NumbBono were moved to the table.

Early on Josie and I heard the bad news – our other teammate, Waffles, went out early set over set. No team challenge money for us. Hmm … should I have ditched my team and grabbed the spot on Team Roach instead?

Not much to say about the tournament. I misplayed one hand, played others decently, but got nothing higher than 10-10. After Bad Blood got moved to our table, I finally got a semblance of a hand while short stacked – A-10diamonds. I immediately pushed and thought I was going to grab the blinds and antes until Bad Blood called with A-J. And that was all she wrote. Out in something like 51st place. Meh.

Josie and I walked back toward the middle of the strip and I headed to my favorite room, Bally’s. Although I usually use the Bally’s poker room as my private ATM, this trip I had my lunch handed to me. Crap cards. Couldn’t catch a thing. Got rivered and bad beat more than a few times. Probably my worst day ever at Bally’s.

Finally decided to give up on Bally’s and headed to the IP. Persuaded Josie to get out of bed and planned to get something to eat or drink. Ran into Bayne and invited him to come along.

We ended up getting some pizza at Flamingo. Had a great conversation about family stuff and beastiality – you know – the usual! I saw that it was past midnight and, figuring my luck would change, offered to flip Bayne for the meal. New day, new winnah! Unfortunately, the streak would stop rather abruptly at the IP poker room.

DrChako and The Wife vacated a couple of spots at a $1/2 NL table that featured some other bloggers, so I grabbed a seat. Someone button straddled and I raised with J-J. There were no callers and then an early limper said “all in.” It looked like he only had about $60 behind, so I called. He tabled A-K, and you know what happened next. At least it was on the flop. Unfortunately, he had a lot more behind than I thought, so I lost an expensive flip. So much for the luck changing.

The guy to my right was a piece of work. The Wife wrote about him in her recaps. ADHD, speed freak, who knows – but he couldn’t stay seated and didn’t quit talking. He seemed to be a little sweet on Mary! Anyway, he had a decent stack of chips in front of him. He then told me that he just learned how to play poker by watching a video in his room. Yeah. I played along, and then I guess he felt guilty. He told me that no, he wasn’t new at the game, and thought he’d tell the truth since I looked like a nice guy. I channeled Dr. Pauly and said, “No, I didn’t believe you. Do I look stupid? I have a PhD in Astrophysics. “ I continued on “Yep – nothing better than watching a rocket blasting off from Cape …” That seemed to actually shut him up. Ha ha – me – the guy who never even took a science course in college due to CLEP credit!

It was clear that I was going nowhere fast so I cashed out and went to bed. I hoped to make it on time for the first football games in the morning.

Day 4
On Sunday I got to Lagasse’s Stadium a little bit later than planned. I wasn’t too interested in any of the early games, however. The Bears vs. the Cheatriots – that was the big game at 1pm. With Bears hat and Bears shirt, I confidently ordered a sandwich and was getting ready for the game. I made a bet with Stephane, uber-Patriots fan and Tom Brady fan. If the Cheatriots were to win, she would claim the Chicago Bears fight song (Bear down Chicago Bears …) for one year and substitute her own lyrics. If the Bears won, she would post that Tom Brady wears women’s underwear under his football uniform on all her blogs. I thought it was a fair deal. Unfortunately, the Cheatriots thoroughly kicked the Bears’ asses right from the start. It was painful to watch.

Had some great conversations that afternoon. I listened to Wolfshead piss and moan about stuff, including his nephew’s inability to get him some Ethyl M chocolates. Shit Wolf – give me the delivery charge you gave him and I’ll deliver any time of the day or night!

I saw Yestbay1’s wife standing by herself, so I chatted her up a bit. So Dave, if she thought some strange guy was hitting on her, it was me! Talked a little sports betting with Dr. Pauly. It is always great to talk with the Dr. One of these days I’ll get off my butt and write a review of Lost Vegas. Got condolences on the game from SoxLover.

I, of course, had to get au pair advice from Dr. Chacko and The Wife. If you have never read the comments in the Wife’s post about au pairs, do so for a good chuckle. The Wife and I found out that we are amazingly similar when it comes to money matters. Probably that early midwest upbringing is to blame.

Big thanks to Al Can’t Hang and Full Tilt Poker for coming through big time on the free food and swag for the football party. It is a great way to complete the weekend before people start to make the transition toward returning home.

Later that night Josie and I talked about life and love while keeping an eye on OhCaptain as he attempted to take down a tournament at IP. After Josie went to bed, I got in the cash game at IP. Funniest moment was when OhCaptain triumphantly came to the table, arms raised in victory, and proclaimed “I’m unstuck.” Uh … next time you do that, check your fly, brotha!

Days 5 & 6
Although my brother had already checked in and spent one night at Wynn, I was too tired to do so late Sunday night. I went to the room Monday morning – ah, so different from the IP! I love the central location and the cheap or free cost of the IP, but I love the atmosphere of Wynn. Great room and great view.

The poker room at Wynn was really dead, so I had lunch with my brother at the Grand Lux Café. We had never eaten there before. My lunch was okay, but certainly nothing to rave about. I decided to play some $1/2 NL at the Venetian. As nice as the poker room is, I seem to always get stuck at tables with d-bags. No surprise that my table included a guy who wouldn’t shut up and his son. The guy went on and on about Las Vegas poker and name dropped several people. Like I gave a shit. I was cruising until a nasty river card cost me a stack of chips. Seeing as how I never have fun playing at Venetian, I left for --where else -- but Bally’s. I gained a little ground and had some fun, but I decided to put poker to bed for the trip. I cashed out and played some slots at Paris. The Amazing Race slot machine was just that – amazing! I was winning and having a blast, but I started dozing off at the machine and decided to call it a night.

Final day in Las Vegas. My brother and I had planned to eat at the Wynn breakfast buffet, but I was not hungry at all. We hung out in the room until it was time for me to head to the airport. An air flight channel on the Wynn television system said that my flight would leave on time. After I checked my luggage at the airport, however, the delay time in my flight was changed three times. I finally took off 2 ½ hours late. I was ready for a really fun flight home when the woman who was to sit next to me started crying. Shit – am I THAT bad? It turns out that she had a terrible day of travel, switching flights and running into all kind of problems. Lucky for her that she sat next to a professional counselor, huh? The flight was uneventful, as was the two-hour plus drive back home. I made it to my house just before midnight.

This was my second WPBT gathering (last year was my first) and I enjoyed it much more than the first. It was great seeing old friends and meeting in person new friends I had played with the past year or two. I was really glad to finally meet the trio of Buddy Dank, Joanada, and NumbBono. Jo is such a sweetie, Ben was great, and Ian was much friendlier than I would have imagined. I finally met Miami Don and would probably want to close down a bar with him sometime and hear all his stories. Congrats on the WPBT win, Don! I was happy to meet and hang out with Wolfshead, who was just as funny in person as he is on his blog and in chat at the table. I was happy to find that Very Josie is as genuine in person as she is on her blog. And I like her – very much. I’ll still attempt to torture her, though, because that is what friends who are assholes do!

I still have one more post to write about the WPBT weekend – one that looks at things from a different angle. I mean – that is what bloggers, do, right?

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Blogger Josie said...

"I planned on sleeping in, only to be awakened by Very Josie..." "Persuaded Josie to get out of bed..." Did I sleep with you? :)

I do remember the beastiality conversation with you and Bayne - which I will remember till I die!

You're the best Lightbulb!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

great recap.

proclaimed “I’m unstuck.” Uh … next time you do that, check your fly, brotha!

Too funny!

Happy holidays.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Wolfshead said...

Hey, piss and moan is what I do best tho I'm no Waffles. And it was the brother, not the nephew and he cost me and extra $8 by ordering wrong. Finally Ethel M ain't what it used to be, twice the price, half the quality.

Good recap and good meeting you. Maybe next year the leg lets me spend more time partying and less in drug induced stupors

11:12 AM  

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