Monday, February 21, 2011

The Curious Case of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown

For someone living many miles away from Massachusetts, I was totally amazed that republican Scott Brown was able to be voted in as senator in a state which appears to be among the most liberal in the country. I mean, when John Kerry was running for president, the republicans were having a field day saying that Ted Kennedy was the conservative senator from Massachusetts!

Brown's new book, Against All Odds, details an allegation that he was sexually abused as a child by a camp counselor. Of course, now it is time for all the internet trolls, that species of sub-humanoids who are brave in an anonymous atmosphere, to gang up on him. Of course, the democrats having been plotting his demise from the moment he won the special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

However, the disappointed Tea Party and ultra-conservative factions of the republican party, who have already been dismayed because Brown has not been sticking to a far right agenda since taking office, continue to pile on with additional charges that he is that most depicable of creatures -- a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

The whole RINO gig is pretty funny. It is used by the far right to slander anyone in their own party that dares to gravitate toward the middle or vary from the "approved" agenda. Those who have read this blog probably know that I consider myself a moderate republican. Yet, that just is not good enough for those in the party who seem to view any discord with disdain. I was invited to attend a Tea Party rally last summer by a good friend. When I declined, the first words out of his mouth included "RINO." My brother, a life-long republican who is an elected official, has been called a RINO for not pandering to the extreme right. Amazing.

Because of my educational background and my profession, I have dealt with many survivors of sexual abuse over the years. I admire Scott Brown for dealing with the past abuse in his book.

I have already read several comments from people who believe that Brown's disclosure is a calculated move to continue his political career. I hope that is not the case. I sincerely hope that Scott Brown, like many victims of sexual abuse, is taking the opportunity to get past something that had to have been devastating. I also hope that his revelation, along with the revelations of many other prominent politicians and celebrities, helps to heal the wounds of sexual abuse that so many people seemed to experience in their childhood.

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Anonymous KenP said...

Sex confuses not that way ...well maybe.

Both Anderson Cooper and Laura Logan were attacked in Egypt. The latest reports is that there wasn't intercourse involved. Cooper was attacked. Logan was 'sexually' assaulted. Maybe; but that hasn't been fully born out yet. Humiliation may or may not have been sexual. Yet, every report emphasized S-E-X.

A frequent occurrence in high profile cases is the false confession. A bad divorce also leads to accusations. Bad divorces often cause overstatement. The host of suits is also profitable.

With so many things on the table, I fear I approach each new accusation with grater skepticism. That is unfortunate but that the way it is.

Scot Brown embraced his parents at his acceptance. He said on 60-Minutes that he'd forgiven. The book's revelation doesn't support that in my view.

The media and our minds simplify -- sometime to excess.

2:44 PM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

I guess his wife didn't know until she read the manuscript...interview was on last night....

4:53 PM  

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