Monday, March 21, 2011

Bleeding Money Left and Right

College Station, TX

Most of my daughter's things are packed. She still has some cleaning to do tonight. Tomorrow we start the long ride home.

People who know me well know that I have always been a thrifty person. Coming from a blue-collar middle-class family installed certain values in me regarding work and money. I hate to spew money, and that is what has been somewhat difficult to deal with. Food and supplies we had bought for our daughter now go to her boyfriend. At least he will make good use of them.

My daughter had to sell some of the furniture we either brought down or purchased here. She actually did okay on selling some items. She could not sell the two biggest ones -- an oak dining table and chairs set and her brand new full size mattress, box springs, and frame. We took the table apart and have the top strapped to our van. I get this feeling that our van top just might get torn off! The mattress set, however, looks like the biggest loss. It has been difficult to sell. It looks like the best solution is to just leave it in the apartment. If someone sublets/rents the apartment, therefore taking us off the hook, I would rather see them get some kind of bonus rather than just trashing the set or leaving it for anyone for free. Or maybe after we go we can get the boyfriend to haul it to Goodwill or Salvation Army and just donate it. Anyone have other suggestions? I tried a last-minute Craigslist ad, but only got one hit so far. None of the Craigslist scammers have even tried to get it yet!

The highlight of the trip? Trying a Whataburger hamburger. Yes, that is how much fun I have been having! Wednesday night should bring the return of my long lost home game, however. I am looking forward to spewing some chips with da boys.

Looking forward to getting back to Illinois safely with our loaded van and car. Having flown to so many places rather than driving over the past twenty years, I forgot just how long 1,000 miles feels when you are driving them one at a time.

See you on the virtual felt!

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Blogger The Neophyte said...

Whataburger, just what a burger should be. I actually worked for them about a gazillion years ago. Hope you enjoyed it.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

Journey will soon be ovah.

7:26 PM  
Blogger KenP said...

take the extra stuff to a resale shop. they should get better than average prices in a college town.

9:14 AM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

ouch....good luck.

10:39 PM  

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