Sunday, March 20, 2011

Night of Wonder at Survive Donkey Island

I decided to play the Sunday night Survivor game as I watched the Fighting Illini unsuccessfully play for a seat in the NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet Sixteen versus Kansas. I swear, I saw things there that I have never seen before. Well .. not grouped all together like that, it seems. I was involved in one of them:

Believe it or not, my Aces held! The funny thing is that I was on my daughter's wireless network, having a few issues, and I didn't even see the final pre-flop all in betting, the turn, or the river! I had to sort through my open windows after the hand was over to see the result. I then had to go to the Full Tilt options to see the previous hand to see how I got so many chips.

However, I made a poor play at a trap attempt and spewed most of my chips to TheNeophyte, who used them to glide into second place while I bubbled for the second blogger tournament in a row. I flopped two pair but there was a flush draw on the board. Instead of making the correct play and pushing, I put out a small bet to try to get Neo to perhaps re-raise me, then I would come over the top. Well, he outsmarted me by smooth calling, then hit his flush on the turn. The next thing that happened was that the wireless network delayed for a second, and I was a tad confused. Anyway, feeling confident that I had the best hand (ha ha), I pushed all in but did not suck out on the river. Well played, Neo. My bad. It was bubble time again.

I hope others in the game show some hand histories or some screenies. If you ever believed that the RNG at Full Tilt is screwy, tonight confirmed it!

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Blogger Mike Heffner said...

Hey, I ran into your Aces again!


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