Monday, March 07, 2011

Truckin' March 2011 Edition & Sliding On the Ice ...

Get it while it's hot: The latest edition of Truckin' is now available online. Check it out -- there might even be a submission by a familiar name or two or three ...

Sliding On Ice
You would think that this crappy winter weather would just go away. Unfortunately, it has not. A light snowfall was coming down in central Illinois Saturday night. Worse yet, the temperature was just right for the most dangerous of driving conditions: ice with water on top. I experienced this the hard way Saturday night while driving home after making a run for some Chinese food. Going up a hill on a relatively busy street, I hit a hidden slick spot at the top of the hill and lost control of my car. Fortunately, no cars were coming from the opposite direction as I struggled to get my car under control. I almost got it under control, and then WHAM -- I hit a guard rail on the right side of the street. I feared that I took out the passenger side of my car but was relieved to find that I only made another huge, nasty scrape on the bumper.

Of course, the next day the snow and ice all melted. Meanwhile, my poor baby has just another mark on her once pristine body. Maybe it is time to spend a little cashish and get her back looking like new.



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