Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Hope for Online Poker Beyond Spring 2011

Now that online poker players in the United States and across the globe have had almost a week to absorb the fallout of the DOJ indictments against principals of the three largest internet poker companies doing business in the U.S., we will be starting to focus on what the future holds for us. Yes, it is scary, but history has shown that adversity often is the wellspring for opportunity.

Back in the good old days before the US government decided to clamp down on online poker, the landscape was littered with different poker options. Like many players, I cut my teeth on Party Poker, the big kahuna of online poker. Yes, I , and probably some of the people who read this blog, were part of the ocean of fresh fishies playing timidly or stupidly in the play money games, honing our skills as we got ready to plunk real money down on the virtual felt. Will we get Party Poker back? How about other sites?

What influence will the big gambling corporations have? How far are they already in crafting a product that will compete for our online mobney, given the likelihood that the US government will finally wake up and see that the smart thing to do will be to regulate and tax online poker?

Will poker in social networking sites or other entities a non-techie guy like me can't even imagine take over the poker world? Could another poker boom be on the horizon? If I was part of the Moneymaker Generation, what will we call the next generation of players?

I am perturbed that the timing of this government intervention came just as I and other bloggers were anticipating competing in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments VI and getting a chance to win WSOP packages. However, my hope is that things will progress more rapidly that most of us imagine and we will soon be back playing our favorite games at the virtual tables.

Anyone want to place any bets on when everything gets resolved? Oops -- just kidding. You don't think  the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York could be reading this, do you?

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Anyone want to place any bets on when everything gets resolved? Oops -- just kidding.


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