Friday, April 15, 2011

Soooo Close in the Twitter Poker Tour Championship Series (TPTCS) Event #6

A week ago I played in the Twitter Nightly online poker tournament at Full Tilt Poker and agreed to a chop when we got down to four people, "finishing" second with second place money plus. So ... seeing as how I had Twitter on my mind, I ended up finding an interesting poker site, the Twitter Poker Tour. I saw that the tour was having a championship series, so I joined and thought that I would try a tournament or two. I played in Event #1, a Pot-Limit Omaha tourney, finishing 7/23 -- three places from the money. On Thursday night, I decided to play Event #6, a NLHE tourney. The results were much better -- 2/56. Just short -- sigh.

With a reasonable 3,000 chips to start, I had a little room to play but saw my stack bounce up and down near the starting amount for some time. I tried to mix up my play, raising, limping, playing tight, playing loose. I was able to hit a couple of sets early on and chipped up to a comfortable stack. The level of play at my tables was quite good, a mixture of conservative and more aggressive players.

The tournament itself seemed to have the usual number of bad beats and river comebacks. Knowing that only the top seven places paid, I took a risk in a hand early on, pushing with the nut flush draw and a pair. I was up against a higher pair, but I caught my flush on the river and won a big pot.

My stack took a substantial hit when I decided to call an all in after the flop with top pair top kicker. There were two clubs on the flop and I guessed that the villain had a flush draw. I called the all in, only to see the villain hit a higher pair on the turn and then complete a flush on the river. Yuck.

I chipped back up and glided to the final table. Play there was challenging and fun. My big break came when I flopped top pair on the flop and hit two pair on the turn. I pushed, only to see the only other person in the hand had a set. I was about to lose all of my chips when the river completed my full house. Yes -- we all need one of these every so often if we hope to win any tournaments.

I made it to heads up, where my opponent, astro_pup, and I fought a great back and forth battle. Unfortunately, it ended when I ran my trip Aces into astro_pup's flush. That was all she wrote.

A big congrats to astro_pup for an excellent well-deserved victory. The final table was quite challenging and anyone there could have won.

A special thanks to Very Josie and PokahDave, who railed for a bit and provided some comic relief and support in online chat.

Thanks to the Twitter Poker Tour for hosting an excellent tournament. I am new to the tour and do not know much about it, by I have learned that I need to send some props to its operators cprpoker and coolwhipflea.

The next Championship Series event, #7, will be a NLHE 6 max touney at Full Tilt Poker on Sunday, April 17 at 2:00 pm Eastern. Sound interesting? Check out the tour at

Catch you on the flip side!

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Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Nice run -- you're on a roll lately.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous wolfshead said...

Nice finish. And Joe is always comic relief

11:15 AM  

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