Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping in Touch on Tuesday

What a nightmare of a weekend. Not only did I not go bye-bye in the Rapture, but I played some live poker on Sunday. In tournament action, I exited short of the final table when A-8os > J-J. Ace on the flop and I was a goner. I then played some cash games and saw how rusty I have become. The lack of both online poker and live poker sure showed. I'd better get in a couple more sessions before I go to Las Vegas if I want to hit the ground running.

Oh yeah -- my softball hitting streak came to an end as I went 0-3 last night. I actually got on base my first at bat, but even though I hit the ball sharply, the second baseman should have fielded it cleanly. A really generous scorer might call it a hit, but I am playing this one totally straight. But still ... a .588 batting average? I'll take it!

Ken Prevo loves to heap abuse on the poor residents of Illinois. Yes -- I carefully chose my words there! In reality, however, it is not much fun waiting and wondering how much your state governmenet will attempt to make you grab your ankes to take care of their screw ups. Although I have faithfully paid into my pension system every month for  21 years, the state legislators, who passed budgets for several years that did not pay the required amount into the pension system, are ready to pass a law that will screw me and others who have spent the best professional working years of our lives educating students in the state. As soon as the legislature passes the law, which for years has been considered to be unconstitutional, the final decision will be left to the courts. Hmmm ... who do we trust in Illinois? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Finally -- Bulls vs. Heat game four tonight. The Heat looked awesome in game three and the Bulls need to re-group. Can the Bulls pull out game four and the series? I hope. I believe. Maybe I dream?

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Anonymous KenP said...

I am sorry. The state employee thing is playing out in a lot of states. It is a small difference between won't and can't.

In the corporate world, I watched it play out on friends and business in our area. The great inroads for working people lead to great retirement packages that bankrupted steel and then auto.

I had a friend retire and watch him lose his medical and have to live with his wife getting by using CORBA until they got to 65. It wasn't right but a lot of things aren't.

Government held itself above the economic problems that beset many industries. That days is past. I think you'll end up better than my friend and really hope you do. I think you'll be better of than many before you that ended up in the government insured retirement fund that took over what was left for those who retired from the mills.

Those behind you (us really) will have a more realistic scenario facing them. I worry about them more than you and me. I am sure as a father that is also in your mind.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous KenP said...

P.S. If the unions quit posturing, they can negotiate a better situation than is likely from their vehement opposition.

In steel and auto, the strongest companies survived when the unions finally recognized it was in their members best interest to do so. Ford and USS employees were able to keep more than others. Although, GM employees got more via Obama cooking the laws. That isn't likely in your case though.

It is likely you are headed for half a loaf but the unions might get it up to more through realistic negotiations. I don't know if the scenario that let them dramatically redo Ford and USS contracts translates though. Those factory workers knew darn well there wasn't an alternative and that may not apply to rank and file views here.

3:42 PM  

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