Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Musings from the Heartland -- Cars, Pets, and Me

If you have ever read Jordan's blog, you have read about his poker trips and his methods of transportation. Unless I remember incorrectly, his trips are via public transportation because, living in a big city, he does not own a car. Public transportation does really work well for some people.

I grew up in suburban Chicago, where having a car was necessary. Now, living in then heartland, a car is even more essential, although the public transportation (bus) system in my town has won national awards. With two working adults and three teenagers in the family, the number of lightning family automobiles is now at four. What that means, unfortunately, is that there is always a car that needs an oil change, tire rotation, check engine light diagnosed, and on and on. It seems like half my monthly credit card bill is auto/gas related. If the economy continues to fail, don't blame me. It seems like I pay more than my share in consumer goods and services.

Of course, what would the credit card bill be without some charges related to our pets? Thank goodness the chinchillas, bird, and tarantula are low cost and low maintenance. My wife has sunk plenty of time and money into her fish pond. The cats and the dog ring up significant vet bills, especially since our dog is getting older and has Cushing's disease. I don't remember pets being this expensive when I was growing up.

I guess the cars, the pets, and maybe even the rest of my family members form one side of the equation, wheras on the other side, there is me. I am a pretty low maintenance guy. I have always said that with a little TLC, Chinese food, and chocolate, I could run on autopilot for months at a time. Being the money manager of the family, I have always been careful with my money and among friends and colleagues have a reputation for being the guy who can always find the best deal on something. People who see me observe that I obviously do not spend much money on clothes (oh yeah -- a special FOAD to Josie's metrosexual co-worker) and I even have a hobby that has turned a profit for me most years. Somehow this all seems to work, making me just a regular Midwestern guy and my family just an average Midwestern family. I can live with that.

Today is the second to last week of my four-day work weeks. I hear some poker rooms calling me ...

Enjoy your weekend!

Addendum: Our family dog continues her physical difficulties, so it is back to the vet's office this morning. Cha-ching.


Blogger Josie said...

You forgot to mention that your CHEAP. You borrowed money from me THREEE times while we were in Vegas. I had to put up your wpbt buy in, I paid for your full tilt football sunday, and one morning you just made me leave money on the bedside table. RUDE! ;)

11:51 AM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

Josie, money you left after "a night of Light" was still several hundred less than women usually pay me.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

Thanks for the rate! I *knew* $2.25 was a deal. :P

12:54 PM  

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